Dental Cyst, Know the Causes and How to Treat It

Dental cysts occur when fluid-filled pouches form around the teeth and mouth. Dental cysts are usually caused by an infection of the dead tooth root. Dental cysts are often not recognized, and only become known when the dentist examines infected teeth or X-rays the jaw. Generally, dental cysts form when a tooth has an infection, although there are also several other conditions that cause dental cysts. Recognize the Causes of Dental Cysts Dental cysts commonly form at the tip of a tooth root, but can also occur in the gums around the top of a tooth (dental crown). The main cause of the emergence of dental cysts is largely associated with infections in teeth that do not get treatment, to rot and die or lose function. Dental cysts rarely occur due to conditions related to genetic factors or diseases. Although generally only one dental cyst arises, but for people with special conditions, there is the possibility of more than one dental cyst. Dental cysts can also occur due to abnorm
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